This is home

Video 30min., Full HD, color, sound, E/HEB/SP/RU/e, 2021 (in postproduction)


Live Performance 40min. for 5 performers (in creation)

Florine Leoni's work THIS IS HOME researches complex relationships to notions of ‘home’. 


Within an experimental setting, five performers explore the feeling of home; rationally by language, physically by dancing. How have socialisations and experiences from our childhood inscribed themselves in our body memory? How can our place of longing be described? Can we only arrive when we are no longer afraid of settling or being rooted? Is the home perhaps an inner place, a state or an emotion? 


The work THIS IS HOME turns research on this manifold theme into a work of art and gives space to the ambiguous, contradictory and polyvalent. It raises philosophical questions that encourage us to reflect on our own sense of self and individual relationship to home.






Director: Florine Leoni

Music composition: Jannik Giger

Sound design: Tobias Koch

Editing: Florine Leoni / Jannik Giger

Camera: Michelle Ettlin

Location Sound Recording: Misha Bours

Dramaturgical advice: Mona De Weerdt

Choreographical advice: Clea Onori

Performers / Co-choreography: Eli Cohen, Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez, Inna Krasnoper,

Nicole Michalla,G. Osuna Sánchez

Project management: Patricia Bianchi



May 2021

Das Tanzfest Basel 2021

Performance and local preview of the Video


September 2021

Venice Biennale Architettura 2021, «Salon Suisse», Curated by Evelyn Steiner

Official Worldpremiere of the Video