En garde

Installation, Full HD, 17min., color, sound, DE/e, 2014

Link to password protected preview version upon request

The art of fencing and hypnosis: at the place where two such disparate practices meet, the respective contours of their idiosyncratic dynamics become even sharper. Leoni puts a focus on the powerful impact of this encounter in the contestable zones where extremes collide: in one case, on a clearly demarcated field in which every movement – attempting to either defend or transgress boundaries – is minutely measured; in the other case, as a hypnotic liminal condition, as an associative journey through highly personal and fragile territory. This meeting space and questions related to the negotiation, placement and breaching of borders are themes that propel the cinematic approach of Leoni’s dynamic oeuvre.
Doris Gassert

Venues: Kunsthalle Bern, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Stadtkino Basel / Ausstellungsraum Schwarzwaldalle Basel, Stadtgalerie Bern, Historical Museum of Crete, Greece, ZOOM Basler Filme im Fokus, Cinéma au Palais, Nuit Blanche Montreal

Installation view, Stadtgalerie Bern, 2014

EN GARDE, Film stills


Maître d'Armes Basler Fechtclub and Action Types Profiler: Vincent Laplaze
2nd Maître d'Armes: Jean-Marie Grubo
Fencers: Felix Bernauer-Neuschutz, Cornelia Bevilaqua, Lukas Blaser, Mitchell Brüderlin, Nathalie Bucher, Andreas Burkhalter, Sandra Derron, Sarah Keller, Kristof Kühl, Jakob Loeffler, Gerard Martinez, Michèle Mindach, Nicole Näf, Richiger, Evgenia Papadaki, Michel Schenkel, Moïra Schmidlin, Silvia Schneider, Stephanie Schneider, André Stoller, Janina Thiele, Peter Philippe Weiss, Martin Widmer
Woman in hypnosis: Sara Gassmann

Producer, Director, Editor: Florine Leoni
Director of photography: Aurelio Buchwalder
Sounddesign and mastering: Robert Torche
Up-mix: Hans Ulrich
Soundengineers: Tobias Koch, Lukas Huber, Cedric Spindler
Supported by: Fachausschuss Audiovision und Multimedia BS/BL, Kultur Stadt Bern, Burgergemeinde Bern, Argusch AG, Erdgas