When nothing happens

Three-channel Videoinstallation, b/w, loop, sound, three synchron loops 14‘47“, back projections

Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz, CH, 2007

The installative work distinguishes a big formal unity. Both perception spaces image and sound as well as the formal consequence of the projected video scenes create a picture of a space putatively rapt the reality. But appearances are deceiving. The meaning levels refer to the uniformity and commonness of our life and to the repetitive and no longer consciously perceived actions. Those resolve bit by bit in the nebulous squadron and dissolve into Nothingless. The music by Faye Shapiro forms in addition - a Metasame immediately - a timeless, weight-bearing atmosphere for the viewer which connects the protagonists in the videos.
Marcel Falk, ERNTE‘O7, Kunstankäufe des Kantons Basel-Landschaft

Installation view / Images: Viktor Kolibal


Raphael Gschwind, Sara Luescher, Elisabeth Muenger

Music and sound: Faye Shapiro
Audio inspired by: Kreislauf III, Rose Ausländer
Camera: Florine Leoni
Equipement: Institut Kunst HGK FHNW Basel
Set Assistant: Sara Luescher
Directed, Produced, Edited: Florine Leoni