Everything seems ordinary

Site specific mixed-media installation, 4 synchron videoloops, DVD Video 7‘ loop, b/w. 4 audio 7‘ loop, synchron, L 800 W 600 H 350, MDF, white brilliant dispersion

mitart gallery, Basel, CH, 2008

(...) The staircase, which was built of MDF, is hollow inside. This is of importance because mounted on four walls four screens are all showing the same black and white video. The videos show four people, two men and two women who are inside the stair element which is still under construction. A person alternately sings a song, according to a poem by the English author Alain Alexander Milne. The poem reveals experiences and qualities of being on a stair. In an akward way the singers interpret those lines musically and create all four together a canon which repets endlessly. Through this the picture of a latent uncertainty arises and we feel a certain character of reference. The staircase object is not only artifact, it is also a non-functioning architecture in the space. The staircase usually a symbol for progress, proves to be a deceptive trap. The steps lead only to the ceiling of the room and as the video illustrates it, the stair element becomes an enclosed space. All these ambiguities in the work of Florine Leoni are intended and through minimal production create the maximum of imaginative space.
Simon Baur. BAZ Kulturmagazin 24.12.08. orignial text in DE

Installation views / Images: Eik Frenzel


Barbara Perkinzl, Daniel Roser, Daniel Ramsauer, Anna Voegeli

Composition Canon / Musical Director: Raphael Strauss
Lyrics: Halfway down the stairs, Alain Alexander Milne
Camera: Antonia Meile
Directed, Produced, Edited: Florine Leoni
Technical support video: tweaklab AG - tools for media and art
Support audio: Anna Voegeli, Raphael Strauss
Planning/realisation stair element: Matteo Winkler - suedquai